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You always collapsed after you appeared to have used your powers. It didn’t seem as though you used your power by choice. It was as though a great power overpowered from a tiny vessel. If this continues, Staz will die..

The newly-formed Iwatobi Swim Team


Kyōkai no Kanata [境界の彼方] Beyond the Boundary Main Characters | PV

Happy 2nd anniversary to yyhlove!<3 Thank you to all the people who follow my blog!

In kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high, I was always spacing out.


From cute to hard core ninja

breathtaking games - final fantasy viii

Naruto Shippuden: SOME MEN | BY:  

The brother who fights as his blood tells him to
and the sister who fights as her heart tells her to... 
Or should I say the brother that fights with his blood
and the sister that fights against her blood...